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4NEWS and Sexy Zone Commentaries

Over at Johnny-Fans, I have to keep a neutral view, so, here I come to rant about it...

                    You probably already heard the news, that Yamapi and Ryo have left NEWS. Yamapi to concentrate on his solo career, and Ryo to be full-time with Kanjani8. It's very sad, because they managed to stay as 6 members for so long, but I hope that NEWS will finally come to the front again, since it has been so left behind because of Yamapi's and Ryo's busy schedules.

Right now, I'm totally annoyed by this. Yamapi and Ryo are such traitors!!! Well... at least, Ryo I can understand, by Yamapi was a jerk! Maybe if he had shown more feelings, or being more sincere, but he was such a hypocrite. Seriously, he has been practically on solo for over a year now! And he says it will be a challenge to go solo? Dude, seriously? -__-


                    On the other hand, a new band will be created. It has caused a lot of controversy, because of its name "Sexy Zone". The name alone is already strange, but you probably would think its A.B.C-Z, or Uchi, or just other Johnny's that would actually kind of fit with the name. NO. It's a bunch of young Juniors, with an average age of 14. The Members are Nakajima Kento and Fuuma Kikuchi (both from B.I.Shadow) and Sato Shiori, Mitsushima So and Yo Marius. Marius is half-german, therefore, he will become the first half-japanese to make a CD debut in Johnny's Entertainment. It is a very unexpected band, let's just wait what happens, Johnny always takes strange decisions that we never understand at first, doesn't he?

Like, what the heck Johnny? Ok. Like I said, let's wait what happens, Johnny is always right at the end. He wants to target kiddie girls probably, but Sexy Zone is definetely not a name for them! Seriously, when I first started reading those news, I thought it was going to be ABC-Z (I guess they will really just keep the A.B.C-X.Y.Z name Johnny said the other day...) but like seriously? Average 14? 11 the youngest kid? WHAT A TRAUMA! I bet the No-name Juniors can't even dance properly. Marius just got back from Germany, the boy hasn't had any training! I don't mind Nakaken and Kikuchi, I adore those two, they both have great charisma, beautiful voice, and good dancing skills. Plus, they're 17 and 16 respectively, which doesn't really makes them be in a "sexy age" yet, but at least they have just a couple of school years left, and they have experience, and they already have a fanbase. The other three were really chosen with a tombola or something o__o

So, no, I will not buy their debut single. I will download it though, and depending on how nice the PV is, I may watch the making of because Nakaken seriously rocks, and I love Kikuchi's face full of expression XD
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HSJ to become a 9-Member Band?!

I have very very sad news today, and I hate to say it, but Hey! Say! JUMP is my favourite band, so, obviously, I will write about this.

Photos of youngest member, Morimoto Ryutarou, were published of him smoking. A declaration has already been made, and Ryutarou has been put on an indefinite hiatus.

Yes, indefinite hiatus as in Uchi Hiroki, Kusano Hironori, Kamei Taku, etc.
Of those three I mentioned, only Uchi came back to Johnny's and is starting his career again as a Johnny's Junior. Ryutarou is a very talented dancer, and he was starting to become a very handsome boy, he had a great future ahead!

He debuted so young, he's been a celebrity since a child, and he had a great future ahead! Now, it will be hard for him. He'd be on hiatus, then he's gotta start over again, and his younger brother will be in a higher position than him! If he's proud, than, that will hurt him as well!

This is just so strange, from one day to the other! I feel sad, but I'm also so mad at him! I know he's only a teenager, he has problems and everything, but he had a responsibility with the band, the agency, and the fans. This will be a very big change, just like back then when NEWS lost two of his members. It feels just so strange, and this is so sad, the other members must be so worried, that leaves a bad impact on the band!!

- - - - -

So, right now there's a support movement, in twitter as #supporthsjryutaro.
I don't feel right now much like supporting him, I'm just mad at him!! But there's one thing that I really hope and where I will support him (specially after some days and I stop being mad) he cannot give up! Not like other Johnny's that left the agency because they don't want to wait anymore, I want to support him so that he really feels bad about what he did, he gets back in activity, and starts to climb again! It would just be great if he could return again to HSJ, and even though chances are very low, I will be hoping on that!

If you're not as mad as me, you can start helping then with #supporthsjryutaro - but he better learns his lesson!
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I'm alive...

...and kicking! I'm sorry for the missing updates, but GOSH was I busy! I wasn't able to work on any personal projects until this week (except of the fanlistings, because I was a deadline which almost left me dead Q__Q)

Anyways, on graphics for you:

Like you see, 60 Iconbases featuring Hey! Say! JUMP <3 You can find them at Suppressed Feelings!
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On other news, about the dramas for this upcoming summer, there are two that have me pretty crazy, and two that I'll probably watch and hopefully like:

Ikemen Desu Ne OMG I can't wait for this drama! Tama-chan, Taipi and Hikaru! This seems like a lot of fun! I'm also scared because I hope it doesn't disappoint anyone, they will be hardly criticized and compared with the korean drama You're Beautiful, but I hope they put their own twist to it! I just read Hikaru even dyed his hair blonde o___o Please, boys, don't make an exact copy!

Then, there's Saigo no Bansan! The SP's plot sounds interesting, and I hope the drama too! Plus, I haven't watched any detective dramas in a while, and Haruma as a detective will probably be awesome ^_- I still haven't watched the special, because I haven't been able to find it with subs u__u Plus, lately I watch stuff only online! Haven't downloaded anything in quite a while, but I started downloading this drama! Only problem: it's a torrent, and not many people are currently downloading it, so, who know when it will be finished! Q__Q

And there's the Ouran High School Host Club live-action. Except Yamamoto Yusuke, I barely know the cast, but I guess they're ok! I wished for more popular guys, but it's ok, my fandom heart has enough space for some more boys to fangirl!

And there are also Hana Kimi remake which let me totally like OMG because I thought remakes needed like at least 10 years to be made (unless it's from movie to dorama, or vice-versa) so that people forget about the actual drama, or a new generation gets to see it. But I totally have the last Hana Kimi in my mind as if it was yesterday, so, it will be to easy to compare! Who could be the next cast? No idea, but they better take a younger generation! The boys have to be at the most from 1990. I was thinking maybe Kanata Hongo?? Aaah, he doesn't have much a sportler body, does he? And the Hey! Say! 7 boys are to young maybe, since the girl (Maeda Atsuko, Kyuuto in Q10) is from 1991... Though I  think Yuuto could do a good job!!

Hmm... who do you think could be good for the Hana Kimi cast?
I'd really love to hear your opinions!

And that's me for now! Hopefully you'll hear from me soon again ^_-
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Help Japan-Fund! + Nakaken

I guess I don't have to say what has happened to Japan in the last days, but here at LJ, funds are being raised by fans! And you can help too! Here is the entry where you can help donating your talent, and people will pay for work (fan art, fanfic, graphics, translations, etc) and that money will go to a fund for Japan!

I, myself, offered Photoshop Graphics (Buttons, Icons, Headers, Signatures, etc), Layouts Graphic + Coding (DIV, Iframe, basic PHP), Fanfics, Fanarts, Translations from English to Spanish. If you're interested in any of this, you can find me here: klick - and there just follow what is on the main site to do the donation!

Let us help however we can!


On other news, it's Nakajima Kento's birthday. It's sooo terrible that the day of his happy, which should be happy, is on such a stressful and sad situation! I can only wish him to be hopefully with his family, safe and happy. I really, really, really like Nakaken, since the first time I saw him in the Shonen Club, I liked his smile, his happy way of being! And I haven't taken my eyes off him, because I know he's talented in singing, dancing, acting, and his charisma and cheerfulness just fills the whole atmosphere when he's around! So, wherever he is, I hope he doesn't forget what he learned in this weeks Taisetsu na Koto ga Kimi Oshiete Kureta (was it like that?) that even when you're going through a hard time, being sad won't solve anything, it's better to smile and keep going forward!

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To catch up...

There have been several news, but I was a bit busy with school work/projects/exams, but thankfully, Monday is my last exam for this partial!

Anyways, first something from quite some days ago, but still mention-worthy: Mis Snow Man is going to be on a movie together! They will present a group of boys (I think themselves?) and for some reason, they travel to the past and meet another group of dancing boys! I really am looking forward to this - it sounds kind of silly, but oh - I'll just love to see NabeSho more than just doing backdancing! Aaah, I am so happy to actually get to see this boys talking some more, plus, they just have such a nice "membership" (they get good along), I bet I'll have lots of fun with it! Plus, Abe is so handsome (and smart), yet, I also get to barely see him most of the time! And of course, Nozawa Yuki and Sanada Yuma, those two are really cool! And I really like Sanada Yuma... I actually dreamed with him some days ago, I was flirting with him XD Is that even legal? But Watanabe Shota (NabeSho) is probably my biggest reason for it <3
I'll let you know when I find more info about this!

Well, can you see what I see? ...It's pictures: a band picture, and profile pictures, and it is indeed in Johnny's Net. Yes, the same site where pictures were not allowed! I thought I'd take a screen shot so you can believe it! Because I was totally in shock when I read it ... Wonder what's going on in Johnny's?

Nakaegawa Rikiya is getting married! Well, actually, by now he already must be! If  you're wondering who he is, he's part of the Johnny's Junior band FiVe - the play at concerts for their sempais! It's the other band that is not Question? xD
Anyways, he is Johnny's Junior, and 27 years old, so, it's nice to hear Johnny let him get married! It is also said that some of the witness were his friends Takizawa Hideaki, Imai Tsubasa and Shibutani Subaru! The bride was probably very happy ^_^v

Lastly, my dear Tamamori Yuta will have his drama debut. Apparently, Gokusen SP doesn't count as drama. Anyways, he will be in Katori Shingo's upcoming drama "Shiawase ni Narou yo", and Tama-chan will play Kuroki Meisa's brother. I don't think they look really like siblings, but if the producers don't care, I am really ok with it!

This are a whole bunch of good news for the Johnny boys, right? It's all so good, it doesn't even sound like Johnny! So, my theory is, Johnny is dying and Tackey took over and is letting everyone be happy! What do you think?


On private fangirling, I'm -of course- still watching Haruma's drama! I was pretty sad because NakaKen got rejected! But oh well, still some episodes to go! ^_^

And I watched the Summary 2010! Wow, it was good! The beginning with the animating animals around the world was ridiculous, but else, it was an excellent show! I loved the trained dogs above everything! And all the circus acts were just awesome! I enjoyed this show A LOT! Plus, JUMP performed Time, which is my favourite song of them right now!
And Inoo made me fall in love with him in EVERYTHING he did! Gosh, I think I've even been dreaming with him! ^_^

Now, I still have to finish watching BECK! I will let you know when I do ^_-

Another role for Nakaken!

Are any of you watching Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi Ga Oshieta Kureta to see Nakaken? He sadly hasn't talked much, since he's the shy, quiet boy in the class, but he does look so tall and grown! I love to see my boys growing ^_-

So, I was really happy to read he's going to be in another drama next season, next to K8's Okura Tadayoshi and the starring actress Maki Horikita.

Actress Horikita Maki (22) is confirmed to star in a new TBS drama series titled “Umareru” this spring. Her supporting cast will include Tanaka Misako (51), Kanjani8 member Okura Tadayoshi (25), and Johnny's Jr. member Nakajima Kento (16).

Horikita plays the eldest of four siblings. One day, their 51-year-old mother informs them that she is pregnant, upsetting the balance of their home and threatening to expose a long-hidden family secret. The expecting mother will be played by Tanaka, who previously had an opposite role in the teen pregnancy drama “14 Sai no Haha.”

Okura will play the oldest son of the family, and Nakajima will play the second son. Miyake Yuji (59) has been cast as the father.

So, sounds like a good drama! Horimaki is an awesome actress, she does really cool stuff to, so, I'm glad Nakaken will get to act with her! Eventhough Ohkura is here as well, we can see Nakaken is starting his own path as an actor!!
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Kis-my-ft2 Debut CD announced

It has been reported their debut was kept a secret even to the members themselves until they received a letter during today’s concert.  While the group were telling fans about their upcoming summer concert tour, a Johnny’s Jr. member handed over an envelope to them.  Reading it, the group found out for the first time about their official debut and broke out in surprise and tears.

Well, I myself bursted in surprise and tears when I read this!
This is so amazing, a dream come true, something some of us still had a little hope for, thank you, Johnny-san!
We all hate Johnny, but in moments like this, he's Santa Claus!

I don't know what else to say, I'm just very happy! This must have been such happy, exciting news for them!

Anyways, the CD will be released in May. This are awesome news! I'm proud of my, my Kisumai boys!

aramatheydidnt - momoedgewood
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Keito to have Acting-Debut!

So, using my Yuto-icon, since I bet he's happy for Keito!

Hey! Say! JUMP's 7 member Okamoto Keito will have his acting debut on the popular school drama special 3 Nen B Gumi Kinpachi Sensei! This drama is fairly popular, specially because it has so many seasons, starting since season 1 in the end of 1979! Musician and Actor Okamoto Ken'ichi himself -Keito's father- was student in one of the drama's specials, in 1985! And apparently, Keito will represent Ken'ichi's role son in the dorama (I wonder if that means Ken'ichi will be in this special as well?)

The end for this drama had been announced for next March, and it was last week known that Keito will play one of the problematic students that Kinpachi-sensei will reform.

It was also made known that Keito earned the role for himself, going through auditions and winning the role.

 Saol says he probably got the role because they wanted to have a student's son for the show, but hey, I told her that there were probably much more other kids in the audition that looked more like Ken'ichi (if you've seen them, they don't look that much like father and son!)

This were very exciting news! Keito was the only 7 member (and I think also JUMP member) that hadn't been in a drama. This is something great to look forward too!

JUMP members Yabu Kouta and Yaotome Hikaru were Kinpachi-sensei's students. Other Johnny's who were in this drama were Uekusa Yuta, Sanada Yuma, Camu Cade, Kamei Taku, Shigeaki Kato, Takahisa Masuda, Kamenashi Kazuya, Kazama Shunsuke, Matchy, and more!
(without counting actors and actresses that also were here and made it big afterwards!)

Credits: aramatheydidnt, erinteguchi, Tokyograph and Wiki.D-Addicts
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BEST @ Suppressed Feelings

I updated Suppressed Feelings today, short, but cute update! Find the update here!

BEST Wallpaper by ~dollfacesaori on deviantART

BEST PNG by ~dollfacesaori on deviantART


Btw, I created a new header yesterday for Cherry Power, do you like it?

And I watched Haruma's Drama's First Episode! I liked it ^_^ Will write about it soon!
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Misaki No 1 - First Impression

One day, all of a sudden, Misaki, the number one hostess of a club in Roppongi becomes a high school teacher! Of all classes, she is appointed as the homeroom teacher for Class 2Z, a special class for the troublemakers at the school. But, with her positive power, she takes the students head-on, without ever giving up! - D-Addicts

According to dollfacesaori@Twitter:
  • OK, "Fire Beat" transformed to "Number One" sounds weird, but whatever XDD But hey it's WAA KIS-MY-FT2 SINGING! #
  • by the way, I'm watching Misaki No. 1 ^^'' #
  • I SEE TAIPI AND HIRO! And they are students =3 #
  • I'm glad Taipi's hair doesn't look as messy as in the Countdown XD #
  • oh, one of taipi & hiros' friend is the flowers guy from otomen! right?? #
  • i want to get rescued by taipi as well xDD have i ever mentioned how oomasa aya gets to play the roles i want? XD #
  • aaah… has Hiro talked? XDDD I just see Taipi talking a lot XD But well, he has more acting experience, and they're giving Hiro more time? #
  • she's not yankumi… i wonder what she will do??? #
  • Ok, Misaki No1 seemed a bit boring XD But I'll watch it anyways, I guess? Haha, maybe with subs it will be better XD but hey, it's TAIPI! #

So, I was planning on writing my first impression on Misaki No1 since Wednesday last week - since I watched it live at Keyhole - but I spend most of last week Coding XD (Oshare, and then Daily Lovejuice, which I still have to finish coding...) Anyways, I took a few notes in twitter to remember what I thought and wanted to say.

- The opening song, Fire Beat No1, sucks XD Specially - specially - because I know and love the original Fire Beat song, so, it sounds really idiotic - yet, if Kis-my-ft2 gets to release the song, I'll love it forever!
- The school looks just like Gokusen's !! Actually, you get a big Gokusen feeling at this - but that's ok, it was one of my dreams to see Taipi in Gokusen, so, that makes up for it!- I don't think I saw Hiromitsu talking very much in the drama, did he?
- They're 2-Z ... Like, they're Juniors?! HAHA XD Hiromitsu, 25 years old, currently Junior year student - Johnny boys impress me! Learn, Haruma, 20 is not an age to be teacher!
- But I was glad to see Taipi looked good in his gang boss role, and he had nice hair too! I was a bit shocked of his hair in Countdown XD
- I like Oomasa Aya, but she does play the roles I'd like to play! I felt very weird about he when she was Miwako, because I was supposed to be Miwako, but oh well... But she was ok here! She's so lucky, Taipi protected her from the bad guys! I did see her very close to Taipi, though, and I wouldn't mind a bit of romance in the story! That would change it a bit from Gokusen xD But yea, I think it will not be like that ...
- By the way, there are only like 3 girls in the class, right? Haha, a boys school recently became co-ed?
- The whole problem with Taipi and the bad guys was boring though... Maybe if I would understand a bit more japanese it might turn out interesting though? Hah xD
- When the teacher went to face the bad guys, I was like "But she's not Yankumi, what is she going to do??" haha, I didn't take in count the fact that everyone in the district loves her for being nice and friendly xDD

So, in general, the drama is VERY Gokusen-like, but Yakuza and Hostess really are different. Misaki will not be able to use strength or yakuza wisdom, so, I am curious on how she will transform this kids!
Subs are not yet available in DramaCrazy nor Viki.Net - I hope they are though!


And btw, I am a lost case - I thought Haruma's drama, Taisetsu na Koto wa Subete Kimi ga Oshiete Kureta, was going to start next week! Even I, myself, wrote here that it was on the 17th! *fail* It's kind of sad, with Samurai High School and Bloody Monday, I woke up early to watch the first episode on real time. And I failed with this U___U *loser*